His work has been published in international journals and specialized books as well as in public media such as The New York Times and Folha de S. Paulo. Dr. Malte Rubach studied nutritional science in Germany, Turkey and the USA after having been enthusiastic about nutrition issues as a competitive athlete in his youth. For his doctoral thesis on coffee and its influence on gastric acid secretion, he went back to the Leibniz Institute for Food Systems Biology at the Technical University of Munich. This was followed by another research stay in the Food Science Department at the University of Wisconsin in Madison before continuing his work at the Leibniz Institute, where he was particularly interested in the influence of olive oil and other nutritional fats on the control of satiety.

In 2012 he was brought to the newly founded Competence Center for Nutrition in Bavaria and later to the Ministry of Food there. As a guest scientist at the “Chair for Analytical Food Chemistry” at the Technical University of Munich, Dr. Rubach also teaches “Applied Biochemistry and Nutrition” for food chemists and is active in the mentoring program of the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich.

The following books have been published as author:

Herbig published his book “Healthy with Coffee” in 2015. This was followed in 2016 by the books “Plea for Milk” and “Healthy with Rice” and in 2017 the “THE I-DIET – happy and healthy without diet” was published.

In Self-Publishing together with the Reduction2020 Think Tank appeared “The 30 best tips for your nutrition” in 2018 and most recently in April 2020 the book “Food in case of emergency – “Crash course on food supply storage and nutrition prevention”.

At Droemer Knaur he published the “Coffee Pharmacy – The Bean for More Health” in 2019 and in March 2020 his new book “The Secret of Healthy Aging – The Essence of All Scientific Studies”. At Hirzel “Eco-friendly eating – How We Can Protect the Climate with Our Food” was published in October 2020

His latest book “Magic Eating: How to organize your fridge, change your eating habits and live healthy” was published by Droemer Knaur together with Marjorie Rubach in October 2021.

Back in Brazil, she passed on her knowledge to children and young people as a volunteer language teacher at the Dom Bosco vocational training center. In addition, she learned Spanish and studied communication science & marketing at UNITAU (Universidade de Taubaté). The decision to interrupt her studies at the time and work again as an English teacher was then a temporary solution to support her family as long as her father was no longer able to work as a dentist for health reasons.

Before she came to Germany, Marjorie took on communication responsibility for the gas pipeline projects in southeast Brazil in a Japanese-Brazilian joint venture as a foreign language secretary. In Germany she worked in a variety of jobs, alongside Italian and French she learned the German language and worked for several years in the luxury fashion industry.

At M.R.EXPERT, she constantly combines her passion for other languages, cultures and their way of life with new ideas for book projects, social media marketing and PR campaigns.